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Apr 08, 2015

April 8, 2015

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Hess. Supervisor Erickson made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Seconded by Supervisor Raikowski. Motion carried. Granite bids were opened. Larry made a motion to accept Becker Trucing, Lobner Road, Milladore Wi bid for 1-1/4” Road Base for the town west of Hwy 34 at a price of $9.07 and east of Hwy 34 to Ladick Road Materials, Inc. at a price of $9.19 for 1-1/4” Road Base. Ladick would also do the stockpiling. The motion was seconded by Leif. Motion carried by a vote of 3-0. The request from the Town of Dewey for the Town of Eau Pleine to pass a Slow No Wake Ordinance has been denied. Sheriff Mike Lucas’s proposal to access the town hall was discussed. Leif made a motion to allow the Sheriff’s deputies access to the town hall to use the WI-FI. The Sheriff’s department would be liable for any cost to put a keyless entry system on the building. Seconded by Dennis. Motion carried by a vote of 3-0. Leif made a motion to table the Focus on Energy proposal. Leif made a motion that the town adopts the Board of Review Waiver Ordinance and to buy the CD for the Board members to get the training for Board of Review. Seconded by Dennis. The discussion of Victory Road was tabled until another meeting. Ladick Road Materials agrees that there is something wrong with the material put on Circle Road last year and are willing to correct the matter. Dennis explained that farmers, manure haulers, etc. need a permit when exceeding weight and width limits. The haulers are responsible for getting the permit which is on the WTA website. The Town Chairperson has to reply to the hauler within two weeks or less.  Dennis made a motion to pay the bills and to adjourn. Seconded by Larry. Motion carried.


                                                                                    Marlene Furo, Clerk

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