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Annual Town Meeting
Apr 21, 2015

Annual Meeting April 21, 2015 The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Dennis Hess. Jerry Zarecki made a motion to accept the minutes from the 2014 Annual Meeting. The motion was seconded by Clifford Altmann. Motion carried. Chairperson Hess thanked the residents that were present for being able to serve the town as a Supervisor and Chairperson. Dennis appointed Ken Blomberg and Roger Skrzeczkoski, and Jerry Zarecki to the Plan Commission. At the first meeting straws will be drawn as to the length of all the members’ terms, the meeting was then opened to the floor. Fire Department: rumors were that the Rudolph department was going to be replaced. The town has a contract with the department which is not up yet. A discussion was held about buying a new grader. The present grader is 23 years old. The repairs on it were $ 9500 last year. It needs new tires on the front end, there is metal in the transmission oil and other problems. John Eron, a Town of Carson resident suggested that the town could have the grader rebuilt by Caterpillar. Brenda Kochanowski made a motion that John Eron’s suggestion be investigated. Seconded by Ralph Albert. Motion carried. Marlon Marks questioned about a lease program. At the Budget Hearing in November it was suggested that the Town contract the grading of roads to neighboring Towns. Thar would not be feasible. Paul Lenoble made a motion that a vote be taken whether to buy a new grader or not. The motion was seconded by Jack Kawleski. The vote was 36 in favor of buying a grader and 2 opposed. The incoming Chairperson Jack Kawleski stated that Jeff, the full time employee will not be cut from 40 hours per week. Roger Skrzeczkoski made a motion that the Town purchase receipt books for the Recycling Center that are numbered and have Town of Eau Pleine on them. Seconded by Sue Skrzeczkoski. Motion carried. Jack will donate his time at the Recycling Center on Saturday, April 25th as he no longer can be employed by the Town and serve as Town Chairperson. Ralph Albert made a motion to take the number of homes in the Town and the cost of the Recycling Center and charge each household that cost. Seconded by Peter Albert. The motion was later withdrawn. Roger Skrzeczkoski ask about who will pay for the cost of the keyless entries to the Town Hall and the entrance door and the changing of the codes. Leif explained that the cost will be paid by the Sheriff’s Department. Jack ask if the residents would like the Annual Meeting to be held on a Saturday afternoon instead of the third Tuesday in April. A show of hands voted for the third Tuesday in April. Dennis made a motion to reconvene the Annual Meeting until November 11th at 6 PM. Seconded by Clifford Altmann. The motion carried. Dated April 26, 2015 Marlene Furo, Clerk

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