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Town Board Meeting
Aug 12, 2015

August 12, 2015 Town Board Meeting 7pm 47 people present The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Kawleski. Supervisor Erickson made a motion to accept the minutes as written. Seconded by Supervisor Skrzeczkoski. The motion carried 3-0. Leif made a motion to accept the recommendation made by the Plan Commission to approve the Special Exception requested by Keith and JoAnn Bauer to exceed the accessory building requirements in the R2 Single Family and R1, Rural Fringe residence Zoning Districts set by the County. Seconded by Roger. Motion carried 3-0. Du Bay Park Expansion: Patti Drier, County Executive explained about the Capitol Projects part of the budget. The Marchel family has approached the County about selling 200 acres. The County does not have enough money to buy 200 acres but would be interest in buying 80 acres. Part of the 80 acres is wet. The County would add 13 new campsites. The County Board has to approve the purchase and it may be pushedback until 2017. Leif made a motion that the Board approves the monthly payment of $2,351.00 be taken out of the Town’s checking account on the 11th day of each month. The payment is for the grader. Seconded by Roger. Motion carried 3-0. Chairperson Kawleski will check with Saints about the drug testing of the employees with CDL licenses. Leif made a motion the town purchase their propane from Cooper Oil for $.98 a gallon. A payment of $2,600.38 must be paid up front. Seconded by Roger. Motion carried 3-0. Leif made a motion to have Dale Rosicky survey the sand pit property along Dam Road the town owns so we can obtained an easement from Consolidated for a fee of $1500. Seconded by Roger. Leif made a motion that the town pay for the Chairperson to attend the Paser and Wisler Seminar in Appleton. Seconded by Roger. Motion carried 3-0. Leif stated that another culvert be installed on Stashek Road. Chairperson Kawleski and Bob Ryan will go around the township and write down the fire numbers that are needed. The town is thinking of replacing the old red ones. Jack made a motion to pay the bills and to adjourn. Seconded by Roger. Motion carried. Marlene Furo, Clerk Dated August 17, 2015

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