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Plan Commission Meeting Minutes
May 13, 2015

Plan Commission Meeting May 13, 2015 The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Kawleski. Ed Stashek made a motion to accept the January 2015 minutes as read. Seconded by Jerry Zarecki. Chairperson Kawleski appointed himself the Chair of the Plan commission. The Town Clerk took role call and swore in the new members who are Ken Blomberg, Gerald Zarecki and Roger Skrzeczkoski. A drawing was held for the terms of office. Gerald Zarecki-3 years Edward Stashek-2 years Jack Kawleski-3 years Ken blomberg-1 year Roger Skrzeczkoski-2 years The Clerk questioned the Chairperson about the permit fee he intended to charge people for putting in driveways as the Town has never charged a fee and it is not stated in the Driveway Ordinance. There isn’t any fee and the Clerk is to get a copy of the updated Ordinance. Blomberg made a motion to adjourn. Seconded by Stashek. Motion carried. Dated May 14, 2015 Marlene Furo, Clerk

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