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Town Board Meeting
Aug 10, 2016

Town Board Meeting-August 10, 2016

Meeting called to order the Chairperson. The minutes of the July meeting were approved. The treasurer gave her report. Ken Blomberg gave his report on the Plan Commission meeting. A meeting for the Text Amendment Portage County Shoreland Zoning Ordinance will be held on August 23rd at 5 p.m. in the County Annex. Ken talked about Rural Broadband, and would like feedback on opening town roads for designated ATV routes.

Waste hauling bids-Jack made a motion to grant Advanced Disposal a 3 year contract for $457.00 a month, every week pickup. Seconded by Leif. Motion carried with a vote of 3 ayes.

Loss Prevention Recommendations. Cindy has a letter typed up.

White box-Jack made a motion to have Evergreen Thrift Store have their White Box by the Recycling Center. Seconded by Roger. Motion carried by 3 ayes.

Road Work-the Chairperson is to call Becker and put 6 inches of blue rock on as the motion had been made to have 6 inched not 3 inches. Jeff is to cut down a tree on Clover Road that is dead. Leif made a motion to install the culverts on Victory and Pine Roads and to put 3 inches of blue rock (4-5 inches over the culverts) on Victory Road up to Pine Road then east on Pine Road pass the culverts that are being put in.  Nothing is to be done to Victory north of Pine Road. Seconded by Roger. 3 ayes

The annual review of full time employee tabled as his contract is not up until in January.

Reporting Work Place Accidents-Chairperson had an accident checking a culvert and did not report it to anyone. Also was not wearing a safety vest or steal toed shoes which are required. He has also been told we have a full time employee to do those jobs. Leif made a motion that any work place accident be reported within 24 hours by the injured person or his or her representative to the town board. Seconded by Roger. Motion carried 3 ayes.

Leif made a motion that the Town of Eau Pleine drops the law firm of Anderson O’Brien as too many unnecessary phone calls were being made. Seconded by roger. Motion carried 3 ayes.

Placing items on the agenda tabled until the next meeting.

Use of Town Employees-Roger will write up an ad for part time employees as we need substitute snow plow drivers.

The Chairperson is planning on mailing a letter to the residents and Leif feels the Board Members should see the letter before it is mailed out. Jack made a motion to pay the bills and to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Roger. Motion carried.

Marlene Furo, Clerk

Dated August 17, 2016

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