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TB Meeting
Feb 10, 2016

February 10, 2016 Monthly Board Meeting: The meeting was called to order by the Chairperson. The Clerk read the minutes from the January meeting. The Chairperson ask that the Clerk include in the minutes the number of the Statue used to go into closed session and change the vote from 2 ayes and one nay. Roger made a motion to accept the minutes with the correction made. Seconded by Leif. Motion carried by a vote of 3-0. The Chairper-son explained the correct Parliamentary Procedures according to Robert’s rules before asking for a second on the minutes. He and Supervisor Erickson got into a discussion on the correct procedures. The Clerk gave a report on Voter ID and how to obtain an absentee ballot. David Knaapen and Trish Baker who were running for Circuit Court Judge Branch 2 introduced themselves and presented their qualifica-tions to the audience. Roger reported on the Portage County Town’s Assoc. meeting in Junction City that he attended. One of the items on the agenda that he mentioned was that the State is proposing a ½ percent sales tax that would be returned to the County to be divided between the townships. The Chairperson gave out some information about disposing of yard and garden wasteat Busy Bee Gardens LLC 780 Redfield Road, Knowlton 715 581 3501 at No Charge. Chairperson Kawleski handed out an agenda policy for the Supervisors to sign & returnTabled until the next meeting. Use of Town Equipment: Supervisor Erickson asks that only Town employees be allow-ed to operate the town equipment. Tree Cutting on Road Right of Way: Comments were made about the work that was doneby JJBrush Cutting. Many residents are unhappy with the work they did. Jack would like to see Jeff and Cliff cut the trees in the road right of way on Long& Ridge Road. The question was brought up if we have the necessary equipment; employees have the training and the insurance coverage. Tree cutting tabled until the next meeting. Dam Road Property: Leif read the information he got from Planning and Zoning aboutopening the sand pit. Leif made a motion to table this until the Annual Meeting asthis is a decision the residents must make. Seconded by Roger. Motion carried 3-0. DuBay Park Expansion: Jack suggested the Portage County Park Board return to the Town of Eau Pleine $1 for every camp site they rent out at DuBay. Leif commented that at a meeting he and Bob Ryan attended the County proposed if they bought the Marchel property they would sell the acreage along County E & the Town could sell lots. Mr. Ryan handed the board members a resolution he would like them to pass atthe March meeting. Feedback on Fleet Farm Credit Card application:The Clerk has not had a reply back. Report on 2015 Road Work-Roger would like to know what is planned for 2016. Chair-person wants to add 6 more culverts on Ridge Road. Leif made a motion to place this on the agenda for the March meeting. Seconded by Roger. Motion carried by a vote of 3.0. Oak Hill & Long Road Intersection Stop & Stop Signs ahead. It was suggested to puta yield sign or a no outlet sign instead of stop signs. Clerk is to email the costof widening out Victory & Stashek corner. ($3200). Leif made a motion to table until the March meeting. Seconded by Roger. Roger made a motion to table all spring projects until the March meeting. Seconded by Leif. American Asphalt will grind upthe blacktop on victory Road and pack it back down for $7800. Roger made a motion that when getting bids we have at least 2 written bids if the cost is above $500. In case of an emergency the Chair must contact the Board mem- bers before purchasing something. Seconded by Leif. Motion carried by a vote of 3.0. Peter Albert presented a post card send out by Country Disposal. This will be discussed more at the March meeting. The spring clean Up Day has been set for the 2nd Saturday of June. Shaw’s will be picking up the Recyclables instead of Hub City. Jack made a motion to pay the bills and to adjourn. Seconded by Roger. Dated February 24, 2016 Marlene Furo, Clerk

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