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Town Board Meeting
Mar 09, 2016

March 9, 2016 Eau Pleine Town Board Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Kawleski. Between call to order and the reading of the minutes the chairperson read a statement regarding negative statements which were not related to any agenda item. Leif approved the reading of the minutes as read with corrections. Roger seconded with the corrections. The treasurer’s report was read.

Plan Commission did a brief summary—Driveway Policy will to be presented in the next months: needs to be publicized and posted before adoption. Plan Commission is also reviewing animal feed lots and a need for an ordinance for new or existing ones—ongoing process.

Regarding Country Disposal: Peter Albert expressed concerns about dumpsters being in town right away. Where should private dumpsters be-in driveway or how close to the road? Leif mentioned we should make an ordinance or policy on where they should be kept and what to do if garbage spills out and blows and who is responsible for cleaning it up. Ralph Albert suggested we bring it up at the Annual Meeting and work on some guidelines prior.

Leif had some issues with the Agenda Preparation Policy and suggested that the Chair and Clerk share the responsibility. Revisions will be on the April agenda.

Use of Town Equipment/Tools Policy: will be on April agenda with revisions. Roger indicated item one should read “Town motorized and/or town owned tools” (take power tools out). Item four should state “14” days.

Feedback (if any) Tree cutting on Road Right-of-Way Roger remarked that survey marks and road right of ways could be a problem. Roger read a statement/policy on “managing road right of ways:” What is our liability if someone hits a tree? Only if visibility is impaired. We as a town are not set up to go past the ditch. It was suggested to contact residents to give them the opportunity to take care of the problem. Dennis Hess indicated Affordable Tree Care has been hired in the past and was very efficient. Marlyce Kawleski brought up OSHA regulations and we should buy the proper equipment for Jeff. Lee Borski suggested we buy two sets of the proper equipment for our employees to wear. Jack made a motion we get a legal opinion on the tree cutting issues. No opposition to the motion as long as it is in writing. Leif seconded the motion.

Possible information on Fleet Credit Card Application: A US Bank credit card has been applied for. Tabled until April meeting.

Update on Address/Fire Numbers-Chair stated the west end of the town needs to be done yet (56 more residents) 550 needed so far. Cost is $8189 for signs and $7000 for posts and installations. New residents still pay for their own. $10,000 had been budgeted for this.

A hand out was given for 2015 Road & Repair work.

Building Security—Jack stated the Clerk has problems with items disappearing and he does not want to go into the office. Statement by the clerk as she was not at this meeting. “When items are missing all Board Members have gotten an email.” Jack wants a cabinet in the main room with keys for himself, Clerk and Treasurer.  Leif brought up the propped open door and this is not the first time a door has been left unlocked. Leif gave an estimate on a security camera. No decision made.

Leif made a motion Jack and Jeff go to the TIC Seminar 4/14. Seconded by Jack. Motion carried.

Possible Road Projects for 2016 were handed out.  See the next page for a preliminary list that was discussed. Decisions will be made after the road viewing.  The Board chose April 11 and April 12 at 3:30 to view the roads. Jack, Leif, Roger and Jeff. Jack has the bid request ready to be sent out (the residents request part needs to be removed from the bid).

Motion made to go into closed session under Sec, 19.85(1) (c) votes 3 ayes. Considering employment, promotion, and compensation or performance evaluation or exercises responsibility. Discussion and possible action about the findings. Motion carried. Roll call/vote to open session. 3 ayes. It was decided to give Jeff, Linda and Joe a 2% rise retroactive to January 1st.

A motion was made by Jack to get a newsletter out. Seconded by Leif. Motion carried by 3 ayes.

Motion made by Jack to pay the bills and to adjourn. Seconded by Roger. Motion carried.

Dated March 18. 2016                                                          Marlene Furo, Clerk

From notes by C. Skibinski  

2016 Possible Priority Road Projects

Supervisors Priority List:

  1. Stashek  Road to County Road N
  2. Victory Road-north of Hwy 13/34 to Stashek—pulverizes old black top, compact, and magnesium chloride. Bill Kiggins suggested putting gravel down first to mix in with pulverized mix.
  3. Victory-culverts, if flooding again, apply for DDA-up to 75% reimbursements
  4. Pine-culverts, if flooding again apply for DDA-up to 75% reimbursement  
  5. River Road-Camel’s bridge to Ridge Road-blue rock and mag. chloride 

Chairperson’s list

  1. Ridge Road-6 culverts 2-36” 4-24”
  2. Brockhaus Lane-from Blenker driveway to the east-dig out 2-3ft. Put in rock base
  3. River Road same as above
  4. Ridge Road-County E to River Road-blue rock and mag chloride

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