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Unapproved Minutes Town Board Meeting
Sep 14, 2016

Town of Eau Pleine Monthly Meeting September

The meeting was called to order by Supervisor Erickson due to the absence of the Chairperson. The minutes from the August meeting were read by the Clerk. Roger made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Motion carried 2-0. The treasurer gave her report.

River Road Update: Leif contacted Jared Becker about how much blue rock had been spread on River Road as the chairperson stated at the August meeting that only 3” had been spread and the motion was for 6”. Jared said 5-6” were spread.

Address signs: 506 signs have been ordered. It will cost $ 15,559.50 for the signs, posts and installation. A motion to amend the budget will be needed in October to pay the bill as $ 12,000 was budgeted.

Fall Clean up Charges: Leif made a motion to charge $ 5.00 for large appliances. Seconded by Roger. Motion carried 2-0.

The Clerk will be emailing a preliminary to budget to the board before the October meeting. The hearing for the Budget will be on November 16th.

Bill from Becker Industry for shovel for the grader: Chairperson Kawleski had Becker Industry built a shovel for the grader. There have been problems with it working. Supervisor Erickson called John Deere and was told the 7 year warranty on the grader would be voided if they put this on the grader. Chairperson Kawleski did not consult the other Board members before authorizing this. Roger had asked that the building of the shovel be put on the agenda and it was never put on by the Chairperson. Bill was not approved.

Ken Blomberg gave a short report on Zoning permits: They are Jason Gaboda-storage building, Gil and Marge Polum-home, Evan Mews-storage building, Keith and JoAnn Bauer-home. He also stated the text amendment for Shore land Zoning has been approved by the Committee and will go before the County Board September 20th.

Leif made a motion to pay the bills and to adjourn. Seconded by Roger. Motion carried. Joh Eron did a presentation on wild parsnips and urges all residence to contact someone on the Board if they are aware of any wild parsnips in the ditches or on their property.

Marlene Furo, Clerk

Dated September 16, 2016

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